Disturbed returns to Baltimore 4-1-16

The 2016 summer concert season could not have started in a better way. Ever since Chicago based metal band Disturbed announced a new album in July of 2015, show announcements quickly followed. Disturbed was joined by veteran rockers Nonpoint on a nineteen city tour across the U.S. Playing to sold out crowds in some of America’s most intimate venues, they proved that even with a five year hiatus, fans are still Down With The Sickness. The April 1st stop of the tour in Maryland at the Baltimore Soundstage started promptly at 8pm with Nonpoint taking the stage. With heavy riffs, flying dreads and steady beats, the members of Nonpoint wasted no time getting right to the heart of why Baltimore music fans were there, to throw up the horns and rock out.  The Florida rockers only played a forty minute set but they covered a lot of material from their seventeen year career including new music from their upcoming ninth studio album, their cover of Phil Collins debut single In The Air Tonight, and the hit single Bullet With a Name from their 2005 album To The Pain.

Disturbed took the stage at 9 with a warm “My Brothers, My Sisters, My Blood” from David Draiman followed by the screams and chants of the hot and sweaty fans in attendance. The rest of the night was a welcome blast from the past. One thing could be said about the bands hiatus– it definitely seemed to help bring them to a different place. Guitarist Dan Donegan and Bassist John Moyer were as tight as ever crushing the strings. Drummer Mike Wengren had an absolutely amazing drum set ups. Sitting on a four foot tall riser and surrounded by a cymbal cage, it was almost too big for the stage and did not leave much room for the other members to move around. But it helped add to the intimate feel of the show by keeping  the drummer closer to the crowd instead of hiding in the shadows of the wings. But the most impressive part of the night was David’s voice. It hasn’t sounded this strong since the Pop Sux tour in 2002.  The set list for the night read like a greatest hits album, with only two songs off of their most recent work “ Immortalize”:  The Light, and an amazing acoustic rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence.  The set finished with a ten minute medley of songs which, in Draiman’s words, “inspired us through our career.”  The medly included Nine Inch Nails- Closer, U2- Still Haven’t Found, The Who- Baba O’Riley, and Rage Against The Machine- Killing in the Name Of(with Elias from NonPoint). The “one more song” chant started almost immediately and it did not take long for the guys to answer the call, returning to the stage with Draiman asking “if everyone was still breathing?” before the opening riff to “Voices”.  The crowd was relentlessly swaying, throwing their fists in the air and showing appreciation to the band by singing along to every word. But all good things must come to an end, and Disturbed addressed this point. David addressed the crowd with another “ My Brothers, My Sisters, My Blood”, and went on to say “we will be back, you have all been infected and we love you. Can you feel that, that sickness rising, are you down?”,  as the iconic chugging of guitar strings in drop C# tuning rang out for “Down with the Sickness.”

Walking out of the Baltimore Soundstage, all conversations were about how amazing the show was. In an era of smart phones and internet, the public has instant access to music and has developed a need for instant gratification; as a result, five years is a long time to not be in the public eye in the music industry. Today’s flash in the pan quickly becomes yesterday’s forgotten leftovers.  Fortunately, this is not the case with Disturbed.  The band still holds the attention and adoration of many generations of hard rocking fans.  Rock isn’t dead; it just needed a break.

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